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How to Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable Attending Your Wedding {COVID Wedding Etiquette}

You had to put your 2020 wedding on hold, but now you’re ready to connect with your loved ones and celebrate love right now!

Communication is the Key
After all the time, effort, and money you will spend on a wedding…don’t forget to work with your wedding planner and vendor team to take the right precautions to make your wedding as safe as possible. Then use your wedding website or an invitation insert to inform your guests about those plans.

Venue Details
Most venues have put together a description of their COVID cleanliness procedures. Make sure to add the steps they’re taking to your wedding website or link to the description on your venue’s website.

Socially Distant Seating
Do you plan on seating households together? Does your floorplan consist of large estate tables with only 4 seats? Is there outdoor seating available for fresh air? Be sure to let your guests know how many people are expected to attend, and also describe the seating arrangements so your guests won’t have to wonder.

Skip the Buffet & Fake the Cake
Share your plan for safe eating. It’s best to have your caterer serve plated meals instead of buffet service. Most caterers are also forgoing pre-set water glasses and silverware.
I also recommend getting a faux cake for display but have sheet cakes in the back ready to be cut and served.
It’s best to reduce the number of shared touchpoints before anything is served.

Social Distancing Details

Are you performing temperature checks at the door? Will there be hand sanitizer stations? Are there multiple dancefloors to reduce crowding? Inform your guests of all of the social distancing details you will have in place to make them feel comfortable.

Mask Up
It doesn’t look like masks are going away anytime soon – so don’t fight it. Tell your guests that everyone in attendance (both guests and vendors) are required to wear them.
All of my 2021 Brides are getting custom masks made to match their wedding colors. There are so many fun options out there.

Stay Flexible

Planning a wedding during COVID will be a little different than what you imagined, but my biggest piece of advice is to stay flexible and work together with your vendor team to give your guests the best experience possible.

Happy Planning!

~ Janel

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