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Best Wedding Budget Tips

Your budget is one of the first things that you will sit down and discuss with your Fiance when planning your wedding. Money is a touchy subject and it can also cause the most stress during the planning process. But there’s good news! If you work with me, I’ll share my best wedding budget tips and also help you create a realistic budget to have the chic Atlanta wedding you want. 

Beautiful Atlanta Backyard Wedding Ceremony .

Here’s the Top 3 things that could affect your wedding budget and add to your wedding planning stress:

Your Wedding Venue

Your venue will play a leading role in the creation of your budget. Venues that are situated in the heart of Atlanta will generally charge more than smaller venues outside of the Perimeter. Venues also have different packages and policies that you’ll need to consider. For example, some venues might require you to use their vendors, some of which might not fit in with your budget. A lot of venues also have minimum catering requirements that may go beyond your guest list. It’s important to get a true cost estimate (including taxes and all fees) from the venue before you make a final decision on where you want to get married.

Time of the year

Wedding seasons make a big difference in what your venue will charge. Planning to get married on a Saturday in the Fall? Chances are you’re going to end up paying a lot more! Look at your budget and how it fits in with the venue and location you have in mind and whether you can move your wedding to another season or day of the week to save on costs. Vendors might also be able to offer you discounts for off-peak days and seasons. 

What’s the Best Time to Get Married In Georgia?

January, February and March are considered off-peak months mainly because of the cold weather.

April and May is peak season. Spring weather kicks in and it’s a gorgeous time of year in Georgia.

June, July and August are popular months but it gets extremely hot (especially in July) so take that into consideration if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.

September and October are extremely popular months to get married in Atlanta. The Fall weather is perfect but venue dates fill up fast!

November and December is off-peak season due to the weather and holidays BUT you might be able to get a deal!

The number of guests

This is one area that can very easily get out of control. Your guests are going to take up a large portion of your budget so it pays to be sensible about who you’re inviting. Most venues will charge you for everything from drinks and food to the chair your guest will be sitting on so think twice about inviting your college roommate who you haven’t seen in 5 years. I know it’s hard, but agree on how many guests you want to invite and stick to it.

A Wedding Planner will keep you on track

If you want to stick to your wedding budget and have more than enough money for that IG worthy honeymoon you’re dreaming about, carefully plan your finances and definitely work with a wedding planner to keep you on track financially. 

If you’re on the hunt for an Atlanta Wedding Planner and want more Wedding Budget Tips like these, I would love to chat! Just fill out the form on my contact and we’ll set up a time to connect.

Happy Planning! 

XO ~ Janel Elise

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